Beauty from within

Achieve beauty from within

Looking good and feeling good is something we’d all love to achieve. A carefully-chosen diet rich in minerals and vitamins forms a good basis for healthy skin, strong nails and beautiful hair. In addition, it is important to provide the body with sufficient fluids. Furthermore, supplements can help achieve the skin condition you want, strengthen nails and promote healthy hair growth and shine.

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Since 1979, brewer’s yeast has been the focus of the sanotact® range for beauty from within.  People have been swearing by brewer’s yeast for beauty and health for generations. This does not come as a surprise because it is the natural product which boasts the highest content of vitamin B1 and a source of the important B vitamins biotin, folic acid, niacin, vitamin B2 and B6. Besides being used for beauty from within, these products are also used in the kitchen for cooking or seasoning.