Lactose intolerance

Enzymes for full enjoyment of milk

About 15 to 20% of Germans suffer from lactose intolerance. For these individuals, consuming milk and dairy products, such as cheese, cream or yoghurt, triggers symptoms. This is due to insufficient digestion of lactose.

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Lactose only occurs naturally in the milk of mammals such as cattle, sheep or humans. This serves as a source of nutrition for newborn babies in the first months of their lives. Chemically, lactose is a dual sugar composed of two simple sugars, glucose and galactose. Since the body can only absorb simple sugars, lactose must be broken down into its components in the intestine by the enzyme lactase.

Special sanotact® lactase products in the form of swallowable and chewable tablets offer a solution and provide significant relief in everyday life. Taken immediately before or during the consumption of lactose-containing foods, they supply the required lactase and enable you to enjoy these foods without any worries.