sanotact® Electrolyte Plus

Regardless of whether you are doing sport, travelling, partying or simply in a phase of life in which your electrolyte balance is disrupted, sanotact® Electrolyte Plus provides the optimum blend of glucose, magnesium, potassium, chloride and sodium to supplement your fluid level and help you absorb electrolytes.


Our sanotact packaging shines in a new design: modern, fresh and  recognizable. The proven quality has still the highest priority.

sanotact® Brewers Yeast Flakes – 100 % natural

Our vegan sanotact® Brewer’s Yeast Flakes are ideal for cooking and seasoning. They naturally contain 6-vitamins and folic acid.

Meet your daily nutritional needs with sanotact® A-Z Vital!

Just one caplet a day provides the body with a balanced mix of 26 important nutrients.

Beauty from within


An attractive appearance and a positive charisma are always a reflection of inner balance and contentment. And vice versa: Looking good also promotes well-being! Clean skin, shiny hair and healthy fingernails convey vitality and vigour at first glance. A radiant appearance is therefore, at least in part, a question of the right diet!

Beauty from within

Digestion and intolerances

When your gut feeling isn’t right

The digestive tract of an adult human being is up to nine metres long. Our food usually passes through it without us noticing. We only become aware of our digestive system when it causes problems. Find out what can cause these problems in our advice.

Digestion and intolerances

Energy and performance

When your body needs a break

We are used to giving our all in every area of life; rest and recovery phases, on the other hand, are often neglected. Such stressful situations, which often go hand in hand with particular eating habits, can lead to our bodies developing an increased need for nutrients.

Energy and performance

Immune system and colds


Did you know that male 16 to 20-year-olds in Germany are the only population group that gets all nutrients in sufficient quantities through food? This is because adolescents eat such large quantities of food every day that this alone covers their needs.

Immune system and colds

Lactose intolerance


For around 15-20% of people in Germany, milk is not a pleasurable experience but a cause of discomfort: They suffer from an intolerance to milk sugar (lactose), which is also known as lactose intolerance. We have compiled some information on the causes, symptoms and much more for you.

Lactose intolerance

Women's health


Women deal with a large number of challenges throughout their lives, from pregnancy to menopause and from PMS to bacterial vaginosis. And even some conditions that affect both sexes often occur much more frequently in women or with completely different symptoms than in men.

Women’s health

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